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Little Movers 

Mommy/Daddy & Me 


(ages 3-5 / ages 11mo-2)

This early childhood movement and motor skill development program is designed for children ages 11months- 2 years old, and children ages 2  1/2 -5. We introduce toddlers to primary gymnastics skills such as running, jumping, and basic tumbling. It consists of a 5-minute intro warm up exercise activity using rhythm and music. Children explore gymnastics obstacle courses in groups led by the instructor and close with mild body conditioning activities. The class helps to strengthen young bones and muscles, providing a healthy foundation for mental and physical growth.


Cognitive Skills: The class also teaches and enhances cognitive skills through body, object, color and shape identification.


Social Skills: Little ones develop social skills as they learn the impratance of sharing, taking turns, and following directions.



  Instructional Gymnastics Classes for Girls and Boys


(ages 5.5+)

A gymnastics class that teaches children the basic beginner skills to more advanced skills of gymnastics through natural progression. Students have the opportunity to learn stretching techniques, floor exercise skills, balance beam, parallel bars, uneven-parallel, and vaulting. Classes end with mild body conditioning activities to leave students with the upper and lower body toning exercises required to strengthen muscles for performing and improving gymnastics skills.



  Competitive Gymnastics Team & Pre Team Clinic

USAG Levels 2 and Up


​​At our facility, we also offer competitive gymnastics! This group is open to students ages 5 and older, who demonstrate agility, flexibility, skill progression, and compulsory skills required skills by USA Gymnastics.


Gymnasts learn specific routines on each event, including vaulting, uneven bars, balance beam, and floor exercise in preparation for competition.


Upon mastering of skills introduced in Instructional Gymnastics classes, students have the opportunity to attend team tryouts, periodically offered, for a spot to compete with Power Moves at local NY State meets.

Teen Adults Tumbling

Teen & Adults Tumbling


You’re never too old to learn how to flip. Our safe tumbling techniques will help you learn the basics to advance skills of floor-based gymnastics. A great way to get in shape while having a great time. This class is great for dancers seeking to enhance their craft with acro skills, martial artists, dancers, cheerleaders, and all other fitness enthusiats.


Class Schedule

Tuesday 7:45-8:15pm

Saturdays: 3:30-4:30pm (all ages)


Afterschool Gymnastics Program

(ages 4-16)


Looking for afterschool homework help and recreation for your kids? Look no further! Power Moves Gymnastics afterschool is your one stop shop!  Various packages are available. Registration is ongoing and currently open for our afterschool program. Enroll today!


Prices beginning at $150/month.


  • Snack

  • Homework Assistance and Tutoring

  • Gymnastics

  • Arts and Crafts and more!

The Power Moves Gymnastics Birthday Party

(ages 3-13)

Looking for a unique, fun, and exciting way to celebrate your child’s next birthday party? Celebrate this special occasion with a gymnastics session at your preferred location. With childhood obesity on the rise, our goal is to provide a fun, fit, innovative and engaging way to celebrate your child’s birthday.


On- Site: We will host your child's birthday party. We provide the party hosts (instructors), gymnastics lessons, activities, and games. No need to worry about having food catered. We provide pizza, juice, paper goods (plates,cups,napkins) and eating utencils. Children have the opportunity of participating in the floor exercise, balance beam, bars, trampoline, and vaulting skills.



  • Party Hosts/Instructors

  • 90 minutes party time (additional time available upon request)

  • Party Decorations

  • Gymnastics Lesson- Vaulting, Balance Beam, Bars, Floor Tumbling

  • Games

  • Pizza, juice, utencils, paper goods


*Cake must be provided by parent(s)/guardian(s).

​ ​​​​​​​​​​

Mobile/ Off Site: We come to your location and provide an instructor, mats, and equipment for your party guests. Our lesson includes warm up activities, tumbling, and games. We are dedicated to creating a safe, fun and enjoyable experience for all of your guests.



  • 90 minutes of gymnastics party time

  • Transportation of all equipment to your location

  • Gymnastics Instructors

  • Opening stretch and warm up activities

  • Complete gymnastics lesson (Tumbling, bars, trampoline, balance beam)

  • Closing body conditioning activities (jumprope, hula hoop, contests, etc.)


​*Mobile parties available to locations within an 8 mile radius of our facility.

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